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Private lessons available on request 

One to One and Online 

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Diego Fardel

“For me, one of the most disappointing things to hear is somebody saying that they'd like to play guitar, but don't think they could. Playing guitar is not hard; it just needs the right teaching methods, patience and a bit of dedication. What's most important when learning the guitar is to learn how to enjoy it. Once you start testing your playing ability, you will quickly see how rewarding it can be. There is no feeling quite like mastering a new song or skill.”

Lessons focus on all areas of playing from rhythm to soloing, scales, chords and improvisations on electric and acoustic guitar.



One-To-One Private lessons                                                                 

Lessons can be on acoustic or electric guitar and are customised according to students music preferences.

Please get in touch for any enquiries and to check availability

Online lessons:  Skype- zoom-  Facetime

During the pandemic, online lessons have opened a new window in guitar learning, offering the possibility of continue learning guitar at distance. 

Online lesson are still available. 

Group Lessons 

Guitar Club London primarily offers group lessons in primary and secondary schools across London. 

 Private Group lessons can arranged at your location upon request.

Please get in touch for more details.

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